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Digital Marketing Course is the Most advanced Training Program in Analytica IT Solutions to develop your skills.

Who wants to join the Digital Marketing Course?

Here we have a wide range of internet marketing training and you can customize the course as per your requirements.

We have online live interactive classes and internship programs that make you an expert employee, employer or freelancer in Online Marketing and Social Media.

Advanced Programme in

Digital Marketing Cousre 

3 Months of Practical Training + 3 Months of Paid Internship

This the most advanced digital marketing Course in Analytica IT Solutions in Kozhikode, Kerala providing 3 Months of Practical Training + 3 Months of Paid Internships. So you will get a stipend for these months and Real-time Projects exposure of all Online Marketing Services and Techniques.

Executive Certificate in Digital Marketing - 80Hrs

We have an Executive Digital Marketing Training for the two-month duration to who is having basic knowledge and boost your skills in Online Marketing techniques.

Advanced Certificate in Video Blogging - 30Hrs

How to become an online content creator and Vlogger in a Month? We have a solution for you! An Advanced Certificate in Video Blogging course provides an opportunity to learn Introduction to Social Media Marketing, Video Editing Fundamentals & Promotion, YouTube Marketing, Vlogging, Google AdSense and Social Media ROI.

Diploma in Professional

Digital Marketing – 180 Hrs.

This is a 3 Months Diploma Course for who is looking for a career in Digital Marketing. Course and Training Sections are covered by Major topics like Inbound Marketing, WordPress Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Email Marketing.

Online Money Making Course - 50Hrs

Analytica IT Solutions providing an opportunity for you to earn money through the internet using digital marketing skill sets. This Training program helps you to gain in-depth knowledge in Social Media Marketing, Video Editing, YouTube Marketing & Promotion, Vlogging, Social Media ROI, Becoming an Affiliate Advertiser & Publisher and Google Analytics & Google AdSense Account Setup.

Certificate in Social Media Marketing - 30Hrs

Social Media Marketing Course is a one-month certificate programme and it completely makes you for a Social Media Specialist and you can apply for the job after completing this Training.

Advanced Certificate in

Internet Marketing Entrepreneurship – 150 Hrs.

Based on your own business and requirements, we will customize your course with topics like WordPress Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, etc.

Certificate in Search Engine Marketing - 30Hrs

Get a Certification in SEM with the major topics including, Introduction to PPC marketing, Overview of Google Adwords, Setting up a Profitable Ad Campaign, Landing Page and Thank You Page Creation.

Certificate in Web Development and SEO - 30Hrs

This is a one-month course covering the Topics of Search Engine Optimization. The programme includes Web Development using WordPress, Content Writing. SEO and Effectiveness, Usage of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

We are Providing

Wide Varieties of Digital Marketing Courses and Training Programs

Analytica IT Solutions is one of the best Digital Marketing Course and Training providing Institute in Kerala, are able to assist you, to form and supply more and better Digital Marketing Services & IT Solutions. 

To achieve any steps that seek to attain greatness within the commercial enterprise. We all know the way to create in exceeding ways at affordable prices and packages.

First Working Process

For startups and growing businesses, an online specialist can develop a digital marketing plan to help you grow.

Dedicated Team Member

Your Digital Marketing & IT Consultant will also be able to kick start campaigns and Technologies that maximize your ROI/Revenue and reduce the marketing budget.

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Analytica IT Solutions in Calicut, Kerala is the most dominant IT Company and Digital Marketing Agency in the Country can support and assist you 24/7.

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